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The so-called „Gewann“, a parcel within a vineyard, are often a piece of history and indicate the historical reference of a vineyard. Regarding the vineyard „Burgstall“ it is handed down that a castle has been at this place in the Middle Ages.

The main area of the „Burgstall“ runs in the northern area of Hagnau and extends in the west from the town Stetten via Wilhelmshöhe to the neighboring town Kippenhausen in the east. At the end of the ice age the alpine glaciers formed Lake Constance, and at the same time marl and sandstone deposits of the glaciers built the „drumline“, soft hills on the banks of the lake. Many of the historical „Gewanne“ in the vineyard Burgstall indicate the valuable soils and the long history of winegrowing. Delicate white wines and characterful red wines are growing here with a view of the lake.


The definition of Lake Wine


The elegant white wine from Hagnau


Our rosé: lively, fresh and classy


Richness and velvety in the glass



Naturally handcrafted: The Hagnau winegrower association relies on controlled, biological viticulture to preserve the biodiversity of plants and insects and their natural habitats in the vineyards. Many of the works in the course of the year are oriented towards this – up to the harvest: only by hand!


The Hagnau Burgstall: always an eye on the lake.